Friday, 13 July 2018 11:28

Border agents nab Mexican man who entered US illegally in Calais Featured

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CALAIS - Border patrol agents have captured a man from Mexico who was trying to enter the country illegally.

They said a 45-year-old man was detained on Tuesday after he was captured in downtown Calais.


Officials learned he was going to meet his girlfriend, a woman from Australia, who was waiting for him in a car. That unidentified woman also is facing charges.


Officials also learned the man had been ordered removed from the United States back in 1994.


This week's arrest of an illegal immigrant was the second in Maine during the past month.


A man from Haiti was arrested in June when border agents set up a checkpoint along Interstate 95 in Howland.


Congressman Bruce Poliquin thanked border patrol agents for keeping the state safe by stopping an illegal alien from crossing the US-Canadian border.


He released a statement saying we need to "strengthen our border security, help shut down the flow of drugs into our country and make meaningful reforms to our immigration system."