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LePage: "I would go to jail" before expanding Medicaid without funding Featured

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BANGOR - Governor Paul LePage is making national headlines, after he said he'd rather go to jail than be forced to expand Medicaid without state funding.

The Governor made the remarks during an interview with a Bangor radio station on Wednesday.

Lepage has repeatedly opposed voter-approved Medicaid expansion, unless lawmakers came up with a way to fund the initiative within the state's budget.

A recent court order requires the governor to submit paperwork to follow through with the voter-approved expansion, which LePage continues to fight.

"One thing I know is nobody can force me to put the state in red ink and I will not do that. You can tell the Maine people I would go to jail before I put the state in red ink, and if the court tells me I have to do it, then we're going to be going to jail," LePage said.

Last fall voters approved the expansion, which would expand Medicaid to an estimated 80,000 Mainers.

LePage has most recently suggested increasing taxes on hospitals to pay for the measure, which the Maine Hospital Association says would be detrimental.

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