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Downeast Surgery Center breaks ground on new site Featured

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BANGOR - The Downeast Surgery Center celebrated the building of their new and improved space on Wednesday with a groundbreaking ceremony.


"It's a very exciting time for the partners," said Dr. John Pyne, who is the president of the Downeast Surgery Center.


The old facility, on State Street in Bangor, was built 28 years ago.


Staff said the new building will have updated equipment, larger rooms, another operating room, and a special air filtration system to prevent infection.


Doctors and nurses celebrated at the construction site of the new location on Ridgewood Drive. They said it will be bigger and better, helping them give the best orthopedic surgery care.


"We stop over frequently and watch the progress," said Angela Olsson, a nurse and team leader. "It's interesting, we've looked at the blueprints for so long now and worked on the room placement."


The new building will also have outpatient joint replacement, where they can perform full knee surgeries.


"Healthcare is moving toward outpatient surgery," said Olsson. "People recover better at home."


The surgery center's president said the facility comes in at around $7 million, and will house ten physicians.


He said their small, privately owned facility gives patients another option in addition to the bigger hospitals in the area.


"Because it doesn't have all the facilities and overhead of a large hospital, we can keep the cost of surgery much lower," said Dr. Pyne. "From a surgeon's perspective, it's a real treat operating in a facility like this."


The president said it's also a treat working with the other surgeons and nurses who will all be coming over to the new space, along with one new surgeon.


The new Downeast Surgery Center is hoping to open as soon as May of next year.

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