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Downtown Bangor construction update

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Downtown Bangor construction update

BANGOR - Ben Sprague, the Bangor City Council Chair, said construction downtown is expected to last through the rest of the summer.


Councilor Sprague said the intersection at State Street and Harlow Street has been a troublesome spot for years now, so while it may make for a bumpy commute, he said the construction is well needed.


Intersection improvements to Fourteenth Street and Union Street, and Fourteenth Street and Ohio Street are also in the works.


Councilor Sprague said the city is adding new turn lanes and patching up pot holes, and he said it will all be worth it.


"I know people lose patience over them over time," said Councilor Sprague, "but you can't complain about the winter potholes and also complain about the construction in the summer."



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