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Store responds to graffiti with positive message

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Store responds to graffiti with positive message

BANGOR - Willie Wags store in downtown Bangor has been trying to spread some love after they said their sign was vandalized earlier this week.


The store set up a handprint window on Saturday after store employees said anti-racism signs on the store's front windows were vandalized.


The store works to sell goods from small businesses and businesses run by women.


They said they have surveillance video of someone putting graffiti on one of their "United Against Racism" signs, but they're not focused on the negative.


Instead store staff said they are encouraging people to come in and leave a handprint as a display of love and community in Bangor. On their Facebook page, they called the effort a "#bangorloves window". They said the window display is to show there is no room for hate in Bangor.


"It's been a lot of young children which has been nice to see, parents bringing their kids in," said Lydia Colson, who works at the store on Harlow Street. "So it's nice to see that the next generation is being raised positively."


Willie Wags is working with the Bangor Police Department. Colson wasn't sure if her boss would press charges, but said that wasn't their focus.


She said they hope to continue adding to the hand paint display throughout the week.

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