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Winterport community comes together to help two families Featured

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WINTERPORT - No matter what age cancer is something you never think you could have, but when a family member is diagnosed with it you will do anything to support them.

One community in Winterport is coming together to help two families currently going through a rough time.


28 year old and mother of four Sasha Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2017. Kathy Adamo's husband has necrotizing fasciitis which is a flesh-eating bacteria.


Two local families---experiencing a real nightmare.


Sasha is using her voice as a platform to educate and reach out to others her age who may be going through the same thing, or those just looking to talk.


"I looked on YouTube and I tried to google anyone Facebook groups, anything for people that were my age that were going through something similar as me and there was nobody I couldn't find anyone," said Hart.


She said she took it upon herself to be completely open, "I share the good the bad and in between is what I tell everybody."


Kathy said even when her husband was in the hospital the community would come and help them with house chores, "Took care of the gardens and took care of the chickens and just rallied around us like we were family."


Sasha's father in law Richard Hart Jr. said, "The community coming together has been wonderful it's why I like these small communities."


Sasha has been getting treatment in Boston and said keeping up with traveling and other expenses is difficult. Winterport recreation director Greg DaSilva knew he wanted to help both families, "We would do a pig roast here at the Abbott Park which is our rec fields and the recreation area for the town. The event will be June 30th 4-8 here at the park."


There will be a silent auction, live music, a beer tent all to raise money for both families.


"It's really nice that their willing to band together and not only help me and my family but help another family in need as well," said Hart.


"Incredibly moved that the community has come together to do this for us and for the Hart family," said Adamo.


For more information about the event click here.


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