Thursday, 21 June 2018 12:01

House sales drop due to low stock, AMC launching movie pass subscription service

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STATEWIDE - A drop in real estate listings and new deals for movie lovers are some of the topics generating buzz in Thursday's business news.

Home sales are down but not for lack of buyers. The National Association of Realtors said existing home sales slipped .4 percent in May due to a lack of homes for sale. The number of listings is down more than 6 percent.


German auto makers are ready to make a deal. They now are supporting a plan to get rid of all tariffs on cars between the United States and Europe. The Wall Street Journal says the German ambassador to the United States took the proposal to the White House on Wednesday.


The biggest movie theater chain in the country is offering a new deal to movie goers. Taking aim at Movie Pass -- the service that lets users see a movie every day for $10 a month -- AMC Theatres is launching a subscription service called Stubs A List for $20 a month, letting customers see up to three movies a week.


Meanwhile, as sales drop at Starbucks, the company's CEO thinks too much sugar may be the culprit. Kevin Johnson said people may be worried about too many calories in their frappucinos. Starbucks sales are down 3 percent from a year ago.