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Governor LePage sending guard helicopter, pilots to southern border Featured

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AUGUSTA - Governor Paul LePage's office said he is sending a National Guard helicopter and two pilots to the southwest border with Mexico.

The Republican governor spoke at a breakfast and business forum put on by the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce.


The comments come as multiple East Coast governors announced they would not deploy resources in response to the zero-tolerance policy.


The governor said what is happening at the border can be avoided.


"Think there's a lot of politics going on down at the border right now, this thing about separating children from their parents. That's not what's happening," LePage said Wednesday.


"The problem with American law is you can put people in detention, you can put adults, but you can't put children in detention, so that's where the separation [occurs]. Kids go one place, the parents go the other, but the parents have a right to take their children and go back home," he said. "There's no reason they cant go back home. Nobody's stopping them. Trump's not trying to stop them. If they want to go back home and apply and do it legally, they're welcome to do that."


LePage said the problem is that too many people are trying to get into the country the wrong way.