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Mother of murder victim writes book Featured

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PATTEN - A mother whose son was murdered a dozen years ago when a Canadian man came to Maine to hunt down people on the Maine Sex Offender Registry has completed a book about the experience.

It includes details about how his death has changed the state's sex offender registry for the better.

"That is the last picture that I got of him," Shirley Turner said, pointing to a picture in her living room of her murdered son, William Elliot, 24.

He was on the Maine Sex Offender Registry because as a 19-year-old he had sex with his girlfriend when she was a few weeks shy of the age of consent, his mother explained.

Twenty-year-old Stephen Marshall of Nova Scotia found Elliot's name and address and that of 57-year-old Joseph Gray on the registry.

"A young Canadian man came down here and murdered my son and a man from Milo on Easter Sunday of 2006," Turner said.

The murder of her son basically destroyed her, Turner said, but she has been able to slowly recover with the help of her boyfriend and through writing a book she titled, "The Destroying Angel."

"It was very good therapy for me to be able to write a book and get through it and get all of that stuff off my chest," Turner said. "You've got to read my book to really understand what really went on with my life and how it led up to my son's death."

The debate that occurred after the death of her son and Gray led to changes with the registry.

"Now they have a tier system in place with the hard core criminals are on the computer," Turner said.

"The young men who end with a misdemeanor, like my son ... are in a book at the police station under a signed signature," she added.

"So something did come of my son's death -- something good," Turner said.

William Elliot's name will be added to the Maine Murder Victims' Memorial during a ceremony in Augusta on June 24 at 1 p.m.

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