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Stray moose calf resettled at Gray wildlife park Featured

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STATEWIDE - A stray moose calf found in northern Maine is now starting a new life at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray.

The baby moose was found by a family that heard it calling out in distress.


The family called state game wardens, who advised them to wait 24 hours in case the animal's mother returned. When she did not, wardens took possession of the calf.


"There are lots of young animals in the woods this time of year and if you find a stray, the best thing to do is to call a Maine game warden and avoid touching the animal," Maine Wildlife Park Superintendent Curt Johnson said.


"If you care, leave them there, and the reason for that is a lot of well-intentioned people will take possession of an animal and provide it with some level of care thinking they're rescuing it when in reality that animal is not in need of any sort of intervention," he said.


The female calf is two weeks old. Wardens said it will be a while before they know if she can be released back into the wild.