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UMaine hosts hazing prevention meeting

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ORONO - University and college leaders from all over the country gathered at the University of Maine on Wednesday to see what each campus is doing in regards to hazing, and how to prevent it.

The six schools and UMaine are part of a Hazing Prevention Consortium, a multi-year initiative that is tasked with creating research-to-practice strategies to reduce hazing.

At least four hazing deaths in 2017 involved fraternity pledges, but a recent University of Maine study shows that hazing is not just a problem with greek organizations.

"We have national data that indicate that hazing is more wide spread that fraternities and sororities," said Elizabeth Allen, UMaine professor of higher education and leader of the consortium. "It's happening in athletics. It's happening in honor societies and performing arts organizations. Sometimes marching bands or a capella groups, even in intramural sports clubs. So it just depends on the campus but it's more widespread that fraternities and sororities."

The group is measuring the current prevention efforts to see if certain strategies are working better than others.

Dartmouth College, the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Tuffs University, the University of North Carolina in chapel hill, University of Oregon and the University of Texas in Austin are involved in the consortium with UMaine.

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