Wednesday, 13 June 2018 11:06

Nearly 100 volunteers gather to repair Washington County homes

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CHERRYFIELD - Sometimes, a roof over one's head just isn't enough and a person needs help.

Every summer, volunteers come from various locations to Washington County to help rehabilitate houses. Many of the houses are old and hard to heat, which makes it difficult to fix on a tight budget.


"These homes, with the help of these volunteers, will be brought up to a certain standard that our partners, DCP, Downeast Community Partners, will then come in and weatherize the home after we're done here," said Scott Shaw, housing rehabilitation coordinator.


"The work that is done here makes a drastic difference in the community, and that's why they do it," Shaw said.


The most recent group is from a church in Ohio. After hearing talk about the program in Cherryfield, they wanted in.


It takes time to fix up a house and the volunteers are ready to give up theirs to help in any way that they can.


"There's 91 folks that came to put roofs on houses, windows, doors, walkways, painting, you name it, skirting on trailers," Shaw said.


Besides the house repairs, Maine Seacoast Mission, the group that coordinates the volunteer work, also completely rebuilds two houses or mobile homes for local families each year. Volunteers are given food, a place to shower and a bed in exchange for their help.


Throughout the course of the summer, 15 houses will be fixed by different groups.