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Police, public team up to stop vandals in Brewer park Featured

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BREWER - Homeowners near Washington Street Park in Brewer are fed up with vandalism in the area.

Now, a note from Brewer Police is letting residents know they are too and they're dedicated to ending crime in the park.

"It's a very nice park as you can see, and we want to keep it that way," said Brewer resident Chuck Goodwin.

Most of the time, the Dougherty Rec Complex on Washington Street in Brewer is a draw for kids and their families.

But residents nearby say it also attracts a troublesome crowd.

"It's a beautiful park, and then you know you have a gang of kids that just doesn't respect the rules here," said Goodwin.

Goodwin says that lack of respect leads to destruction.

"We've seen them take bikes and throw them against fences and drop them from the walkway up there. We've seen people, like over-sized kids in baby swings trying to destroy them," Goodwin said.

Other residents we spoke to off-camera say they're aware that some kids were making the park less inviting.

And with school ending, locals say the problems could get worse.

"Kids have more free time so they're here a lot longer and more frequently," said Goodwin.

A few have called the cops to try and put an end to the trouble.

One recent call prompted the Brewer Police to investigate.

"We found that it caused quite a stir in the neighborhood, there had been other issues ongoing in the area that we did not know about yet," said Jason Moffitt, public safety director for Brewer Police.

As a result, officers handed out fliers asking residents to work with them to make the neighborhood safer.

The note advises homeowners to call police immediately if they see anything suspicious, dangerous or criminal taking place.

"That's encouraging to find out that... hopefully the police will take our calls a little more seriously and respond a little more quickly than in the past," said Goodwin.

Police say they've identified those responsible, charging a handful of juveniles with burglary and other crimes just last week.

Moffitt says now with the help of security cameras and tips from the public, police will aggressively prosecute anyone committing a crime in the area.

"This park belongs to the citizens of Brewer, they need to be able top enjoy it," said Moffitt. "Enjoy it with their kids and families and not be harassed by a relatively small group of individuals that are up to no good."

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