Tuesday, 12 June 2018 12:16

Votes for Linn in primary to be discarded unless written in

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STATEWIDE - Voters will notice the name of a disqualified candidate on the Republican primary election ballot.

Max Linn of Bar Harbor had hoped to challenge Senator Eric Brakey for a chance to take on Ssenator Angus King in the November primary election.


Linn has continued to campaign even though the secretary of state disqualified him for having bogus signatures on his nominating petitions. Some of those signatures were from people who have died. A federal judge also rejected a request to intervene.


Any votes for Linn on Tuesday's ballot will be disqualified unless they are write-in votes.


Regardless of what happens, it may not be the last time he attempts to seek office in Washington. Linn has already indicated he plans to run against Senator Susan Collins in 2020.