Tuesday, 12 June 2018 10:55

AT&T 's merger with Time Warner nearing court ruling, IHOP betting on burgers

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STATEWIDE - Judgement time for AT&T and Time Warner and a steaming-hot new Visa card from Chase are among the goings-on making Wednesday's business news.

A federal judge is expected to rule this afternoon on the federal challenge to the merger of AT&T and Time Warner.
Along with a straight yes or no, Judge Richard Leon could also force another option. The judge could allow the deal to move forward but with conditions, possibly including forcing the company to sell off parts of itself.

Starbucks and Chase Bank are teaming up on a new way for coffee lovers to buy their brew.


Chase bank is now offering the first-ever pre-paid Visa card that will let users earn points that can then be turned into freebies at Starbucks. Using the card can rack up the points no matter where they shop.


IHOP is placing a big bet on burgers. The name change from IHOP to IHOB -- for International House of Burgers -- is temporary. It is meant to serve as a way to get people talking about the restaurant.


Experts say IHOP's move is the latest example of a company trying to find something that will go viral. In the first couple of weeks of June, IHOP's online mentions were 17 times higher than last month.