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Brewer public safety offers police and fire academy for kids Featured

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BREWER - Over the summer kids in Brewer will be able to learn what it's like to be a firefighter and police officer, and it's more than just sitting behind a desk.

The Brewer Public Safety Department is bringing back a course for kids.

"One of the priorities for our SRO programs is to have kind of an outreach with kids," said Jason Moffitt, Public Safety Director for the Brewer police and fire department.

The Junior Public Safety Academy had been put on hold, but now students in grades six through nine will get a behind the scenes look at what police and firefighters do.

"They won't just see between classes, they'll have a lot of one-on-one time and really learn what our operation is about," said Moffitt.

The format is slightly different from years in the past.

"It was a two-week-total program. Now to get more kids through, we've decided to do two one-week programs," said Moffitt.

It's about more than just sitting in the classroom.

Moffitt recalled group activity he walked into: "I walked into the break room and there was an entire burglary scene that had been staged and there were kids fingerprinting all our equipment all over the place. It was pretty neat to watch."

The training will give them hands-on experience teaching basic skills like CPR, first aid, and fire safety, and he said they'll learn about drugs.

Moffitt said there's a common misconception, and wants students to understand that they're people too.

"They see and hear things on TV but most of the time that's an inaccurate portrayal," he said.

Applications need to be in by June 15. The course is free for kids in the Brewer area, but if there's spots available, Moffitt said they'll open it up to the outside community.

"If they're interested, it doesn't hurt. It's just a brief application, go ahead and apply now and we'll see what we can do," he said.

Applications are at front desk of the Public Safety Building as well as the Brewer Community School.

"You never know, we may recruit a few future police officers or firefighters," said Moffitt.

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