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Veterans sky diving for a good cause Featured

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PITTSFIELD - Veterans are fighting stress disorders in new ways, this time, thousands of feet in the air.


After many veterans were unable to make the jump on Memorial day, Saturday's weather gave them another chance.


A group of veterans has found that sky diving has helped with PTSD, as an adrenaline therapy program.


Veteran Scott Morgan said, "It actually gave me back my life. Before I jumped the first time, I stopped driving, I ran cowboys in Iraq, severed two IED's, and got blown up in Diablo Ghraib prison, and I was essentially shuttered."


President and founder of the Maine Veterans Project Shawn Goodwin had found that the program helped aid suicide prevention by giving back veteran's adrenaline rushes. He's seen it work first hand and just wants to get the message out. "So the history behind this was I went skydiving with my mother, and when I saw what it did for her because she's had some health issues over the last twenty years, it was absolutely amazing. So I felt like we kind of had to see what it would do for the veteran population and so far it's been astronomical."


The jump is free, but there is one rule for those on the ground. When you see a canopy, get behind the white line because they're coming down, and they're coming down fast.

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