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Concerns raised over proposed transit study

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BANGOR - Bangor city officials are requesting to use grant money to fund a new transit study.

The idea of a bus transit study has been an ongoing issue.


The current version would look at city bus routes, among other things, to maximize what city officials said are limited financial resources.


Councilors at Wednesday's budget workshop said they want to look at updating the aging fleet to make the system more efficient.


But dozens from the Transportation for All group said there are other current problems with the Community Connecter they want prioritized, like bus cleanings and expanded hours.


Karen Marysdaughter, a volunteer with Transportation for All and a regular bus rider said the group wanted "to make sure that the goals of the study not only include reliability and cost effectiveness, but also include looking at how the bus can support livability."


Marysdaughter said the proposed $100,000 study isn't the first the Bangor City Council has requested in recent years.


Councilman Ben Sprague suggested a second draft of the study memo be written before its brought to a vote.


More on the current study is on the council's website.

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