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Bar Harbor accused murderer in court Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The Bar Harbor man accused of killing a former MDI high school classmate made his first court appearance on Wednesday in Hancock County Superior Court.

Accused murderer Jalique Keene - a high school football standout -- is charged in the death of 19-year-old Mikaela Conley, who was a former classmate at Mount Desert Island High School.

She was reported missing on Friday and her body was found in the woods just before noon Saturday near the elementary school. He was charged with her murder late Monday.

Keene made his first court appearance in Hancock County Superior Court on Wednesday where justice Bruce Mallonee sealed the affidavit that details what investigators believe led to her death.

“We know it's going to be presented to the next grand we don't need to waive that,” said defense attorney Jeff Toothaker. “We have a copy of the complaint and we reviewed it. We waive the reading of that and I've explained to him he's not going to enter a plea today.”

Since the Hancock County grand jury meets next on Thursday, it's likely that Keene's case will not be presented until the next grand jury rises in early August.

The prosecutor in the case and Keene’s defense attorneys agreed that he be held without bail, but the judge agreed to grant a bail hearing in the future, if requested.

“We're not expecting to have a hearing anytime soon,” said Assistant Attorney General John Alsop, the prosecutor.

The medical examiner is currently not releasing the cause of Conley's death. And we don't expect to get any more details about what investigators believe happened until after Keene's arraignment, which is where he will enter a plea for the murder charge.

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