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Gov. LePage appears as special guest at town meeting

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ORRINGTON - Maine's Republican governor addressed multiple topics at Orrington's annual town hall meeting on Monday night, and also held a question and answer session.


The meeting at the Center Drive School required a generator, because of local power outages sparked by a car accident earlier in the day.


Those in the audience gave Governor Paul LePage a standing ovation.


He made a point to talk about tax reform and property taxes, and highlighted municipal foreclosures on the state's elderly homeowners. The governor also spoke about a plan he has to keep young Mainers in the state by combating student debt.


He noted Maine has the oldest median age in the country. So Governor LePage said he wants in-state students to get interest free loans from the state - to keep them here.


And he wants to lower interest rates for out-of-state students that come to Maine to work. The governor said that he envisions the employers of the out-of-state workers helping with their student debt, in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction for the business.


The governor said this proposed plan can help keep young workers in the state, and attract new ones to stay in the state long-term.


"They can invest in buying houses and cars and invest in their net worth," said Governor LePage.


The governor also acknowledged that he would soon be leaving office. He said voters should look for a candidate with a command of finances and integrity. And said as governor, he didn't aim to be liked by the press.


"If you need to be liked as a governor, my suggestion is get a dog - it's unconditional love," said Governor LePage.


The governor said he thinks there are good candidates for governor on both sides of the aisle.

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