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Family of eight loses home in Bradley fire Featured

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BRADLEY - Neighbors in Bradley are now rallying around eight family members who lost their home in a fire Tuesday afternoon.

The fire chief tells us the blaze began when a mattress caught fire in the kitchen.

"This is obviously a shock," said neighbor Matthew Michaud. "They went from making snacks after school to now they have no place to live."

A family is devastated after their Bradley home goes up in flames Tuesday afternoon.

"We heard like a little boy scream and we thought it was kinda funny because it was pretty loud," said Katherine Allen. "Three, four, maybe five minutes later we noticed the fire trucks and this and that."

"I wasn't sure what was going on, thought it was down the road, came outside and realized all the commotion going on," said Michaud. "House across the street is on fire. Big time."

Firefighters say just after 5:00 p.m. a call came in for a mattress fire.

When crews from Bradley and surrounding towns arrived on scene, the structure was fully involved.

"The house has shingles on the outside of it so that hampered things to try to get it," said Bradley Fire Chief Eric Gifford. "Plus the wind today also."

"Lot of flames, definitely. It was pretty lit up," said Allen.

Firefighters evacuated surrounding homes as the flames spread through the old house.

Officials say the fire that quickly destroyed the home began in the kitchen.

"The homeowner said it was caused by a mattress, a mattress leaned up against the cook-stove," said Chief Gifford.

Eight members of one family live in this multi-unit home including four children under the age of 16. The Bradley Fire Chief says everyone got out safely.

"We brought the children over to my house, put them in front of the TV with some ice cream and try to distract them and keep their minds off it a little bit while the adults do what they have to do," said Michaud.

The Red Cross is helping the homeowners, who didn't have insurance.

Surrounding neighbors are pitching in too, doing anything they can to lend a hand to the hurting family.

"I was telling my daughter you know maybe we can get some clothes together or something," said Allen.

"As neighbors we try to rally and help 'em out as much as we can," said Michaud.

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