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Permitted burn spreads to woods, burns an acre

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FRANKFORT - Multiple fire crews responded to a permitted burn that spread out of control on Hamm Road in Frankfort.

Officials on scene said Sunday morning's brush fire burned about an acre of land.


Crews got the call around 8:30 a.m.


A helicopter was also called to help put out flames, and a Winterport ambulance was on scene as a precaution.


Maine Forest Ranger Aaron Bailey said the fire quickly spread to the woods after someone with a burn permit started a fire.


He said this was a good reminder to follow all the rules for permitted burns.


Ranger Bailey said it's a good idea to "explain to the fire chief or whoever's issuing the permit just what exactly they're burning, how close the woods is, how big of a pile they're burning, how large the debris." He said that makes it easier for the person issuing the permit to know what time of day to authorize a legal burn.


The ranger said the wind spread the fire away from the driveway which made it more difficult to get to and put out.


No buildings were damaged and no one was hurt.

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