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STATEWIDE - Bald eagles were listed as endangered and nearly vanished from the state in the 70's.


Since then they have become a symbol of conservation success. Now biologists are trying to count how many eagles we have here in Maine.


Wildlife Biologist Charlie Todd said, "Eagles actually live here year round and so they should know when to start and when not to. They tend to lay their eggs in March or early April."


However, Todd said early March was a problem for eagles because of the big snow storms. He said because of that they are not expecting a good year for hatching success.


"But the pair count is kind of our measure sort of the senses if you will of how many eagles are living and nesting in the state that's kind of our bottom line we'll know they'll be good years and bad years," said Todd.


He said the goal is to get a complete count of how many eagles there are currently, "In 2013 we had 634 nesting pairs the low point in Maine in 1973 was 21 nesting pairs that's why they were endangered."


They are still in the midst of the survey, but he said they still need to re-check some of the places were eagles had trouble keeping their eggs warm in March because of the snow.


"Make sure they're really not there because once they come off the eggs if they get too cold and don't hatch then our ability to find them easily is compromised."


Todd said we've haMainene eagles live up to 34 years old, which is incredibly long for a bird, "But long lived birds always have a slow rate of breeding so there's a balance in nature, and that slow rate of breeding is what got them in trouble in the dtd era they couldn't hatch their eggs due to chemicals in their diet."


He said the public can also help them during this process, "If people know of eagle nest they should contact the mdifw help desk in augusta and help us out in this survey."


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