Friday, 25 May 2018 15:16

Sherman burglary suspect caught during alleged meth bust Featured

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SHERMAN-A man from Sherman is facing charges following an alleged burglary and the discovery of an apparent methamphetamine operation.

State Police say 52 year old Andrew Allen was their prime suspect in a camp burglary that happened on April 12.

They say he managed to evade capture until Sunday when he was spotted traveling in a vehicle in Stacyville with two other men.

The trooper noticed evidence of drug use and manufacturing in the vehicle and it was eventually searched.

Officials say they found evidence that meth was being made in the car and they also found an old military mortar round that was disposed of by the State Police Bomb Squad.

State Police now hope to hear from anyone who recently purchased items from Andrew Allen.

Some of the stolen property hasn't been recovered and more charges could be filed as the investigation continues.