Friday, 25 May 2018 10:13

Motorcycle rider suffers serious injuries in Hampden crash

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HAMPDEN - A motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon for treatment of serious injuries he suffered in a crash on Monroe Road, according to Hampden police.

The male driver was traveling south on Monroe Road when he encountered a corner but ended up going straight across the oncoming lane into a ditch and then into a tree. Police said that the rider had just received his permit to drive a motorcycle.


Police warned motorcycle riders to use caution, especially if they are new to the sport.


"When you don't have that much experience driving a motorcycle, you have to take extra, extra precaution with speed, with the type of bike you have. You know there's multiple facets to really be concerned about when you're a new driver," Hampden police Investigator Joel Small said.


Small said the driver injured in Thursday's crash was wearing a helmet.