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Brewer Young People in Recovery host conference

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BANGOR - Young Mainers in recovery are inspiring hope and teaching others how to support each other and create drug recovery ready communities.

Brewer Young People in Recovery group hosted a day-long conference in Bangor to teach people the power of language and how to change the stigma around drug use and recovery.

“The biggest problem for me was that I thought I was bad,” said Christopher Poulos, a Portland native who spoke about his path to recovery. “I thought I was simply a bad, broken, horrible person. I didn't understand that I had a treatable health condition.”

Poulos used drugs and was thrown in prison but entered recovery and earned a law degree and was part of an internship in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. He works for the Washington Statewide Reentry Council and was one of the three keynote speakers at the conference.

Young People in Recovery is a national grassroots organization made up of people in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder, who partner with recovery allies and medical providers, law enforcement and community members to create recovery-ready communities.

The Brewer group began about three years ago.

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