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First babies born at EMMC's rennovated delivery floor

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First babies born at EMMC's rennovated delivery floor

BANGOR - Eastern Maine Medical Center welcomed at least two newborns into the world on Tuesday with their new and improved labor and delivery floor.

The renovated unit is in the same location as the old unit, but with more up-to-date technology and all private delivery rooms.


Newborn Lucy Foster was the first scheduled C-section baby born, though there was one unexpected birth before her in the refurbished wing.


Lucy came into the world just after noon today. Her mother Kate and father Todd talked about the new features they used, like a clear screen so the father could see the C-section birth. The couple also mentioned skin-to-skin contact in the operating room. 


Kate said that with the good medical care, she can focus on introducing Lucy to her big brother Eli, commenting on how she was, "just watching these two interact, seeing what a good big brother this guy will be."


And breaking in a new facility runs in the family, Kate was one of the first babies born at the Maine Medical Center delivery unit in Portland.


Along with a view of the Penobscot River, the new room has a sink to wash the baby, to maximize the time spent between mother and daughter.

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