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Accused murderer about to give birth behind bars Featured

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WISCASSET - Accused murderer Sharon Carrillo is due to give birth any day now.

Sharon and Julio Carrillo are accused of beating her 10-year-old daughter to death back in February and then trying to cover up the Stockton Springs crime scene.

Sharon Carrillo was six months pregnant at the time. She is about to give birth to her fourth child, while behind bars at Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset awaiting trial for her oldest daughter's murder.

“As we all know, she's very pregnant so she has a lot on her plate,” said her attorney, Christopher MacLean. “It's not an easy situation for her to be in.”

He added later that his client is “doing pretty well” considering the really difficult circumstances.

Healthcare, including prenatal vitamins, a specialized meal plan and childbirth classes, is provided to pregnant inmates through the jail's medical provider, said Two Bridges administrator James Bailey. The last time the jail had a birth was about a year and a half ago, he added.

“They don't give birth here or we don't want them to give birth here,” Bailey said.

He said once an inmate's labor pains begin ...

“We get them to the hospital, similar as you would outside of jail,” the jail administrator said.

Pregnant inmates are not shackled, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, and a corrections officer will not be in the room where she gives birth, thanks to a 2015 Maine law sponsored by the ACLU of Maine.

“They're treated just like every other inmate,” Bailey said of pregnant women.

It's estimated that between six and 10 percent of incarcerated women are pregnant, according to American Journal of Public Health data.

“It's a common medical condition that people deal with every day, incarcerated or not,” Bailey said. “It's not life-threatening to the individual. We make sure their needs are met based on their medical condition.”

Investigators say Julio and Sharon Carrillo admitted to beating Marissa at least once a day for months, starting shortly after the family of five moved from Bangor to her parent's condo in Stockton Springs.

The daily beatings got so bad at one point that Marissa could no longer stand or speak without slurring her words. Sharon Carrillo reportedly thought she was faking her injuries and beat her some more, court documents say.

Marissa Kennedy died on Feb. 25 and her mother and stepfather were charged with her murder the following day.

Maclean says his client is not the cold-blooded killer that police have made her out to be.

“She is not the young woman originally portrayed in the police affidavit,” he said.

Julio's parents, Carmen and Julio Carrillo Sr., who live in New York state, have officially taken custody of the couple's two children, Luis and Emmy, through the Department of Health and Human Services and also will take in the newborn.

However, both sets of grandparents are going to share raising the children, according to Sharon Carrillo's father.

“They'll be raised by one set and the other set is going to help also,” said Joe Kennedy, father of Sharon Carrillo. “We're not going to let DHHS place them in foster care.”

After Sharon Carrillo gives birth, the Department of Health and Human Services will immediately take the baby and then she'll be returned to Two Bridges to await her murder trial.

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