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Police crack down on serial toll evader

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Police crack down on serial toll evader

TURNER - One can only hide from the law for so long.

State police said a truck driver from Turner learned that the hard way Thursday night when he was arrested for avoiding paying tolls on the Maine Turnpike.


Authorities said Danny Olson, 61, had been avoiding paying tolls for up to six years. They said he illegally attached license plates from other vehicles to help avoid detection.


Racking up over $13 hundred dollars in unpaid tolls in maine and officials believe he has done the same in other northeastern states.


Olson's run came to an end after state police stepped up efforts to identify the trucker. He finally was arrested Thursday night after his rig was pulled over.


Olson is now facing numerous charges, including illegal attachment of plates, failing to pay tolls, theft of services and having a false log book. Police also found plates inside the truck that didn't belong to Olson.

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