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Local musician to be inducted into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Featured

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BANGOR - Dana Flood, who owns Northern Kingdom Music in downtown Bangor, will be inducted into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame this Sunday.


The local musician has played with the likes of George Jones and Johnny Lee.


"It's my hobby, it's my profession, it's my passion," said Flood.


He first started playing at 12-years-old, and was a professional musician by 15-years-old.


Flood estimated he's played more than 12,000 gigs in his life, all over the country.


But it's the pedal steel guitar that he's known for that's getting him into the hall of fame. Flood plays the steel guitar with country bands right in Maine.


"There's still a lot of traditional country music here where in other parts of the country, there really isn't at all," said Flood. "When I talk to people there, they're like 'wow they have country music in Maine?' and I'm like's part of America."


Flood said he appreciates country's traditional roots, but listens to more modern-day artists too, like Brad Paisley.


Back at the store, he takes pride in giving the next generation their first guitar. The store sells a variety of instruments and also offers music lessons.


"It's certainly special to see them develop over the years," said Flood, thinking of the young musicians he's seen grow.


Flood had a humble approach to this weekend's induction ceremony. He said he never plays solo, and prefers to be a sideman.


"It's an entirely self-indulgent thing," said Flood. "I've never been after any fame and glory of my own, other than to be just the best backup musician that I can possibly be."


Flood didn't even tell all the store employees about his latest accomplishment. It's just another note in his musical journey.


Sunday's induction ceremony will take place in Mechanic Falls.  Flood said he's looking forward to playing with the other inductees after the ceremony is over.

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