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Carrillo motion to be heard by Maine Supreme Court Featured

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AUGUSTA - The state's highest court will decide if prosecutors in the Sharon Carrillo murder trial will be dismissed.

Carrillo's defense team is claiming the state Attorney General's Office used Maine subpoenas outside of the state for the protected, private school records of Sharon Carrillo, including psychological exams.

They are asking for the prosecution to be dismissed. Justice Robert Murray decided last month that the actions of prosecutors did not warrant dismissal, which was appealed to the Maine Supreme Court who decided Monday to hear the arguments on an expedited basis.

"All seven judges will be having an opportunity to ask all the lawyers involved a lot of questions and get answers," said Christopher MacLean, Sharon Carrillo's attorney. "It's unusual. Even when we have appeals, it's pretty unusual to get oral arguments in the case. So they've basically given this case the entire attention of the entire law court so somebody thinks it's serious."

Sharon Carrillo and her husband, Julio Carrillo, are charged with depraved indifference murder in the February beating death of her 10-year-old daughter, Marissa Kennedy.

The Maine Supreme Court will hear the case at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta on June 12.

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