Tuesday, 15 May 2018 14:57

Facebook still grappling with data issues, Amazon expanding again

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BANGOR - Facebook continues to have data issues and Amazon is expanding again.

Hundreds of apps have been suspended by Facebook over the possible misuse of user data. Facebook says they all have been identified as part of an investigation. The apps haven't been publicly identified yet.


Delta Airlines may be getting ready to start flying back to India. The head of the airline says a deal between the United States and two Persian Gulf states opens the door for American carriers to start scheduling more flights to places like India and Africa. American lawmakers had complained that airlines from Persian Gulf countries got subsides that basically froze out U.S. airlines.


Sears is stepping up the pace to sell Kenmore. The company now says it has formed a special committee to explore selling the brand. The head of the company that owns sears says his hedge fund may be willing to buy it.


Amazon's new stores are expanding. The company now says its Amazon Go stores -- which have no cashiers -- will open up in San Francisco and Chicago. The first one opened up in Amazon's home town of Seattle earlier this year.


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