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Wales man shot, killed after confrontation with state police Featured

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WALES (WGME) - Guns and evidence were taken out of a home in Wales after a state police trooper shot and killed a local man following an hours-long standoff.

Police said that they went to the home of William Derick, 54, on Sunday night to investigate reports of gunfire inside and that the situation escalated from there. They said that what began as a domestic violence incident ended early Monday morning with an officer-involved shooting and Derick's death.


State police spent all day Monday collecting evidence from Derick's home and removed a gun and other items.


Neighbors expressed shock at the turn of events.


"This isn't Wales. Wales has always been a quiet community. We just ususally don't have that stuff happen here," Greg Johnson said


"It's not a good thing," he said. "Not a happy way to end Mother's Day. That's for sure."


Billy Smith, who lives nearby, agreed.


"It's quiet out this way. This is crazy," he said.


State police said everything started Sunday night after they received a call about a woman being shot at inside Derick's home off Route 132.


The woman reportedly was not injured. Officers said they spent the rest of the night trying to make contact with Derick until he came out with a gun and confronted them.


"If they could have just knocked it out of his hand or something and then taken him away -- but that shooting. He's gone," Rosemary Johnson, also a neighbor, said.


Neighbors said Derick wasn't very social, that he lived at the home with his wife and that he might have suffered from mental illness. They would hear him talking to himself, walking down the road in the middle of the night.


Trooper James MacDonald, who shot Derick, is a 7-year law enforcement veteran. MacDonald has been placed on routine payed administrative leave.


The Attorney General's Office is investigating the shooting.

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