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Belfast airport to add fuel, taxiway improvements

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BELFAST - There are two big changes underway at the Belfast Municipal Airport.

The changes will improve safety for aircraft exiting the runway after landing, and will add a self-serve airplane fuel dispenser that takes credit or debit cards.

“One of them is a partial parallel taxiway project that is going to add a measure of safety to the airport. Right now we have essentially no parallel taxiways,” said Thomas Kittredge, Belfast economic development director.

“The other project is a fuel farm,” he said. “We haven't had fuel available at the airport for several years.”

The city recently selected Lane Construction for the $4 million dollar taxiway expansion, paid for with a Federal Aviation Administration grant that required the city to pitch in around $200,000 for the local share.

City leaders are borrowing the money for the fuel pump so they can get it up and running this summer, but they have applied for and expect to get a FAA grant to cover most of the costs to add the fuel service.

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