Friday, 19 July 2013 17:09

Backyard Gardener Part 11: Pest Management

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BANGOR - Pests can make growing a garden, challenging. But whether these bugs are big or small, there's a way to take care of them to ensure a successful yield. Our Erin Thomas has the latest in "Backyard Gardener."

If you're like any home gardener, you've seen insects on your crops. And depending on the size of the bugs, and damage done, there are a few ways to go about treating.

One you maybe tacking is the Striped Cucumber Beetle.

You may find a large number of insects on trees and bushes near your garden such as Japanese Beetles.  But if you don't recognize the insect you'll want to try to capture it or take a picture of it and notify the Cooperative Extension.

We were able to knock down our pest count today, simply because our radish was ready to harvest.

Kate says we can take advantage of the unused space in our garden by planting a row of late beans and spinach.