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Bears coming out of their den and looking for food in your yard Featured

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BANGOR - This time of year is when bears are starting to come out of their den and look for food.


While it may be tempting to leave food out for them there are some things you need to know to be safe.


Black bear biologist for the state of Maine Jen Bashom said, "This time of year we remind everyone it's time to bring in their bird feeders and keep their garbage secure."


Vashon said there are areas where people have more problems with black bears.


"Surprisingly the Bangor area we get quite a few of bear complaints here, but also in east Aroostook county the Presque Isle gets a lot of bear complaints as well as Ellsworth," said Vashon.


If you do see a bear she said to give them space and back away, "and everything should be pretty good."


She said what you put in your backyard can have an impact on bears as well.


"If bears become used to finding food in your backyard they're going to start seeking out that food when they're hungry next spring, and then that becomes something that they try to do every year and each year they lose their fear and might become bolder," said Vashon.


Growing your own food has become popular in recent years, and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are starting to see more bear complaints.


"What we recommend is using an electric fence around your beehive's that'll protect your beehive's from having bears come in and destroy them," said Vashon.


Also, keep in mind your backyard livestock and the feed that you have for them.


"Keep that feed inside if you feed your livestock outside and they don't finish all the feed rack it up, the same with your pet foods," said Vashon.


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