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53rd annual Kenduskeag canoe race Featured

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BANGOR - The calendar may say spring but it sure doesn't feel like it.


That didn't stop hundreds of people from gearing up and facing the cold waters to participate in the 53rd annual Kenduskeag stream canoe race earlier today.


It's the biggest canoe race in all of New England and one of the largest in the country.


Participant Casey Keyler said, "It's her second and my first so first time together."


Whether it was your first time or if you've been doing it for years.


Participant Margaret Snell said, "I've lost count I've done it a bunch."


People loved getting out and cheering on the racers.


"I think it's important because of the canoeing tradition in Maine and it's a really great community Bangor event that people just come out and watch and paddle and have this nice river in our backyard," said Snell.


And while there were some racers who slipped up and fell in, participant Melissa Knox said, "That last wave got me"


Others managed to make it through while staying dry.


Participant Addie Mcninch said, "Kinda slow the first ten miles and then we hit 6 miles falls and went over it really good had a good line."


"It was good it was a lot of fun it was bumpy yeah it was fun," said Knox.


This also teaches people to work as a team.


"Good...we're both smiling so we're not broken up yet," said Mcninch.


Some said they made pit stops along the way, but glad they made it through.


"Probably like three hours, not the fastest not the slowest," said Mcninch.


While it's fun competing most people just enjoy the canoeing.


"No for fun yeah why not," said Keyler.


"Just for fun yeah," said Knox.


And as you can imagine the water was pretty chilly.


"it's a little cold breathtaking," said Knox.


Everybody's favorite part of the race is having a good time with friends.


"Bumping into old friends," said Knox.


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