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Death With Dignity campaign wants to be placed before Maine voters Featured

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AUGUSTA - Advocates began an effort to put the death with dignity question before Maine voters on Thursday.

The question would allow terminally ill patients to get a prescription to end their lives.


A similar effort failed in the Maine legislature last year.


Cayla Miller signed the petition in memory of her late mother.


"We had to guess how she was feeling. We had to drip the morphine into her mouth. And we had to bathe her, and lift her, and move her so that she would be comfortable," stated Death With Dignity advocate, Cayla Miller. "And I know she would have hated that. And she just wanted the choice to make that controlled decision at the end. And I just don't consider that suicide."


The members of the Maine Death With Dignity campaign believe they'll be able to get the nearly 60,000 signatures needed to place the question on the ballot in November 2019.

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