Friday, 20 April 2018 10:16

Area children enjoy Challenger Learning Center's vacation camp Featured

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BANGOR - I spy with my little eye detectives at the Challenger Learning Center.

Kids got to play detective and make crafts like hand scanners and participate in an obstacle course game with alarms that would go off if you step on it.


They also got to choose their character and learn about the different techniques like observation, memory and figuring out riddles.


Kirsten Hibbard, Challenger Executive Director, said: "They can really see how they can use science in a really fun way."


"My favorite part about this is that a lot of your friends are allowed to come here." Stated camper Emme Enos.


Another camper Alden Bartlett added, "We send messages through different letters, but they aren't different letters."


Summer camp at the Challenger Learning Center is starting to sell out.


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