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Homeless veterans urge Representative Poliquin to reconsider a bill that would increase hunger in many

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BANGOR - A number of homeless veterans penned a letter to Bruce Poliquin Wednesday urging him to reconsider a bill they say would increase hunger and hardship across the state.

The group of veterans who have relied on the supplemental nutrition assistance program, known as SNAP, urged congressional leaders in Washington to reject a retooled "Farm Bill" that cuts funding for the program.


The group went to Representative Poliquin's Bangor Office to drop off letters, saying they oppose the proposed farm bill.


"There were many times, more than I'd like to try and count when I would go two or even three days without food," said Navy Veteran Timothy Keefe. "I had to add seven holes to the only belt I own, just to keep my pants on."


Maine has the 7th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation.


Keefe also asked Congressman Poliquin to expand the SNAP program instead of cutting it, to make sure every veteran in America, who uses the program, has enough to eat.


Poliquin's office responded to the day's protests, saying quote: "These proposals have absolutely no cuts whatsoever to SNAP funding. Instead, they increase support for work and job training programs to give work-capable adults who choose to use SNAP opportunities to become independent and successful on their own. For those who can work, it’s important they are given the tools to succeed."

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