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Dover-Foxcroft mill set to expand Featured

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DOVER-FOXCROFT - While we've seen some mills in Maine go through decline a company with its roots in four rural communities is set to expand.

That means more jobs and revenue in the near future.

To most, it isn't pretty, but it might as well be on a postcard of Maine.


Co-owner of Pleasant River Lumber Jason Brochu said: "These jobs are incredibly important."


The forestry and mill industries have spurred the state for decades, even centuries. Until recently, when mill after mill, after mill began to close or diminish considerably. That's not the case for pleasant river lumber.


Brochu stated, "Now's a great time to secure the investments necessary to build production, build capacity, and position the mills for the future because what we're trying to do is make sure our mills are there for a long time."


Unlike paper mills, which rely on the ever-declining need for paper products, Pleasant River refines materials for a growing housing market.


Brochu's mills, most notably in Dover-Foxcroft and Jackman, are set to receive a serious boost. To the tune of multi-million dollar upgrades, with the help of a state bond.


And, what the communities will really care about is 70 new jobs in Dover, Jackman, and Clinton.


Plant manager Jon Comber said "It's very exciting for us. We have a good, dedicated workforce here that are very excited about it as well. It's going to make us much more efficient. It's a great thing for the local loggers and suppliers as well."


A potentially significant step forward for one of Maine's most storied industries.