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New F.A.C.T. program to help families in need Featured

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BANGOR - The Family and Children Together Program has been helping families in need for years.


And now they said it's time to focus on providing emergency shelters here in Bangor.


F.a.c.t. is a nonprofit agency that has been in operation for 25 years.


Communication coordinator Derek Hurder said. "We're a trauma-focused family-focused agency."


He said they focus on providing services to the most vulnerable members of society. "So we help mostly families as they face trauma challenge and change."


Although they have many goals he said F.A.C.T.'s current ambition is providing a family housing navigation program.


"With that program what we do is we try to help families who are experiencing homelessness find permanent stable housing," said Hurder.


Executive director Beverly Daniels said, "There are too many people on the streets, too many people who are out in the cold, and so that's our big thing right now."


Hurder said they have gotten some funding from Maine housing, and most recently a $50,000 grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, which has helped get them started.


"We're also really dependant on private donors to keep this project running," said Hurder.


One of their programs has helped one woman going through a tough time finding shelter and is now working for F.A.C.T.


Advisory council member Kristi Corliss said, "I was in a rehab and I didn't have anywhere to go once I got out I didn't really have many housing options and a lot of barriers to overcome before I could get housing."


She said  F.A.C.T. helped her attain housing and she kept in contact with them through the years. "And just in the last couple of months, they contacted me if I'd like to be apart of the advisory board for families and children shelter, which I think is really awesome because I definitely think the area really needs one."


She helps people figure out what the criteria are going to be before finding a home, but she says she loves giving back. "I've gotten a lot of help from my community over the years so I think it's really great to be able to give back to the community and help the people who are in need."


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