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Umaine projects to better Maine unveiled Featured

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BANGOR - More than 1,300 student scientists, engineers and artists from the University of Maine spent Tuesday at the Cross Center showing off their projects at the third annual student symposium.

This year, the students were asked to come up with projects designed make life better for the people in Maine.

“The key is that they are all focused on impacts in Maine, so how do they help people in Maine to have better quality of life,” said Ali Abedi, UMaine electrical and computer engineering professor.

The showcase featured more than 500 student projects.

WVII spoke with a team that made items using a 3D printer that utilized different materials and another team that created a glove that can used to by search and rescue crews to gets the vitals of a person lost in the woods to a doctor as quickly as possible.

“This is kind of a way to illustrate that we were able to print this in place and it was joined by flexible and stiff materials,” Matthew Ireland, a UMaine mechanical engineering senior, said while bending a piece of plastic that he printed.

His teammate, Jordan Yoder, said the uses of the flexible 3D printed materials are endless.

Biomedical students Brianne DeGone, Courtney Morse, Michael Mainer and Matthew Stewart worked with a mechanical engineering team to create the diagnostic glove, in partnership with volunteer search and rescue group the Down East Emergency Medicine Institute, or DEEMI, which is based in Orono and has a drone.

“The drone will drop our glove design to the patient where they put it on and the biometric data from the sensors will be sent back to the drone and then sent back the Humvee where the doctor can get that in real time,” said Brianne DeGone, a UMaine biomedical student.

The student symposium is part of Maine Impact Week.

Mixed in with the students and the public were some pretty proud parents.

“Having triplets we've been to a lot of science fairs,” said Florence Kimball Robertson, the mother of freshman history major Allen Kimball, who is researching Fort George.

Since her son is a first year student, the symposium was her first for her and husband.

“I'm very proud,” Kimball Robertson said.

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