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Fun basketball event with admirable goals held on Saturday Featured

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BANGOR - Companionship is an essential need for a veteran after returning from a war zone.

Some aspiring service men and women, and thoughtful community members got together for a little competition And the chance to provide a four-legged friend for local heroes.


It's not your typical basketball tourney. These weekend warriors are raising money to provide much-needed service dogs for true warriors.


"They aren't just pets for a lot of these veterans, they are essential," said Austin Cashman, of MBS Corps. "So, it goes beyond gratitude for a lot of these veterans."


The fingerprints of UMaine students are all over this "Nets for Pets for Vets" event, as the business school and ROTC groups organized it. While who else but the women's basketball team officiated.


MBS Corps liaison Lt. Andrew Lochowski added "It started for me because I knew a veteran who was in need of a service dog. I heard about this program and then the MBS Corps reached out to me."


UMaine women's basketball player Parise Rossignol, "Any chance we have to come out in the community and help out to raise money for a good cause, we like to take it, and it's basketball and that makes it even better."


Plus the competition is stronger than expected, with a wide age range, and one team displaying an interesting uniform choice. Complete with plenty of man thigh and knee pads, for safety.


Rossignol stated, "Not gonna lie, as soon as they walked in we had a few laughs. But they're ready to go, they're taking it seriously and that's fun."


Having fun and never losing sight of the mission at hand.