Friday, 13 April 2018 10:53

Maine's high court considers ranked choice

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AUGUSTA - Ranked choice voting is now in the hands of Maine's highest court.

The voter-approved measure has faced many challenges from the start and officials are trying to make it work in time for the June primary.


One of the problems is, the new system doesn't work with Maine's Constitution.


Lawyers for the Maine Senate, the Secretary of State and supporters of ranked choice voting all appeared before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Thursday.


They hope the court can help resolve some of the concerns, knowing election day is fast approaching.


Senator Roger Katz, R-Augusta, stated "I think the court is sensitive to the fact that we've got a primary scheduled on June 20th. And everybody needs to know as quickly as possible what the rules of the game will be."


One reason the court has been asked to act so quickly is because absentee ballots need to be sent to the printers as soon as next week if they're to be ready in time for election day.


Even if it is readied, ranked choice voting is expected to face more court action after the June primary.