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Cannabis clinic sparks controversy

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MILLINOCKET - A businesswoman and medicinal marijuana caregiver defended her store at the town council meeting Thursday evening.

Word had spread that some Millinocket residents allegedly formed a petition to shut the store down. Those at the meeting said they had not personally seen the petition.


The "Roots 2 Remedies" shop opened Saturday. They offer a variety of natural medicine and CPD products. The store also offers medicinal marijuana by a caregiver, which is legal.


No one spoke against the business at Thursday's meeting, but Roots 2 Remedies Co-Owner Angela McNamara said someone told her to speak at the meeting because of growing dissent.


She said she wanted to clear up misconceptions about her apothecary.


McNamara said she set up shop in Millinocket because she already had clients there that she was traveling to treat weekly. She said she wants to help people with numerous diseases, and bring in new revenue for the town.


McNamara said she wants to "help with the opioid epidemic if I can. People are getting clean with cannabis."


She also cited the economic impact she thinks a small business would have on the area.


"Millinocket's an amazing little town," said McNamara. "They're [her customers] going to come and they're going to spend money in other places as well."


A Millinocket town councilman said the council itself is neutral on the issue.


For right now - the store isn't going anywhere.

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