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"GrowME" project teaches elementary kids farming skills Featured

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GUILFORD - Elementary school students in Piscataquis County had a chance Tuesday to get their hands dirty and get a first-hand look at where their food comes from.

 Every year, next to times tables and social studies classes, the kids at Piscataquis Community Elementary School in Guilford get a chance to learn about the fruits of farming labor, through the local grange's "GrowME" program.


"These are skills that every kid will have some use for at some point in their life," program director Walter Boomsma said. "They don't have to be an engineer, they don't have to be a doctor to use these skills."


But, of course, these are seven, eight, and nine-year-olds who need to have fun with their learning. So, what better than an apple taste test to figure out the purposes of different fruit? The kids also took turns making butter and might have picked up other skills subconsciously.


"Each kid shook the jar ten times. For thirteen kids, that's 130 shakes," Boomsma added. "So, they're actually learning, maybe, without even realizing."


"I see the students learn a little bit about Maine tradition, agriculture, hands-on learning," said the school's principal Anita Wright. "They always get very excited."





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