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New law will smooth the way for military medics looking for jobs Featured

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AUGUSTA - Often veterans find the transition to civilian life difficult. They've been trained in an occupation, but sometimes that training isn't recognized by the outside world.

Maine has a new law that will smooth the way for military medics looking for jobs.


More than 120,000 military veterans call Maine home. Many of those vets have extensive medical training. "And a lot of these combat medics, we feel, have the skills and the training to at least set for the L.P.N. license," said Representative Brad Farrin, R-Norridgewock.


The new law, according to Farrin, also helps medically-trained vets obtain apprenticeships while furthering their medical education. Melissa Willette, from Maine Bureau of Veterans Services, said "A lot our veterans there's a struggle with the transition. And hopefully, this bill, this legislation will make that transition a little bit easier for them as they make their way back into civilian life."


And one employer said, because of their training veterans have risen to the top of the labor pool. VP of Eastern Maine Health Care, Lisa Harvey-McPherson, stated "They bring to their role a sense of dignity in their work, pride in the people that they're caring for, a deep sense of responsibility. And they're outstanding team members."


This legislation also creates a program at the Department of Labor tailored to help these vets find the right civilian path. "Often their experience and education have just been undervalued," said Auta Main, Department of Labor, Veterans Employment Program.


This law is based on a successful Washington state law that has paired qualified military health care professionals with comparable civilian jobs.