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DEXTER - It seems like every week there's a new report of violence or threats at schools around our nation.


That wasn't the case in Dexter today where some students are working to make positive changes.


They say they're tired of hearing about bullying and violence and that's why they decided to do something to lift spirits in their corner of the world.


It's not everyday you walk into school and see sticky notes all over everyones lockers.


9th grader Jylian Lupo said,  "We put sticky notes on all the lockers they all had...well most of them had positive notes on them. Some of them say like you're better than pizza and some say like mistakes are proof that you're trying. It was just to make people smile."


With all that's been going on with bullying and the school shootings. The students wanted to do something to bring their community closer.


10th grader Racehl Sickles said, "Make everyone feel welcomed here at school so doing this positive action sticky note activity I feel like it has really worked well seeing that people have reacted so positively I think it's been successful."


She said students were overjoyed when they walked into school and saw these sings.


"A lot of them have been really psyched this has already made their day and some people have taken their own time and go and write sticky notes and thanking us. We did this anonymously and they ended up writing thank you notes" said Sickles.


"I was bullied a lot up until like 7th grade I was bullied and so knowing that people are going through the same thing is really sad" said Lupo.


The six students stayed late after school to write 330 sticky notes.


"We wrote the sticky notes and then we wrote the signs to put on teachers doors that just say like positive quotes and things and we just we really just stayed after for as long as we needed to" said Lupo.


Social worker Nikki Webber says she is beyond proud of the students. "It was amazing the girls told me about what they planned on doing yesterday and to see it walking in this morning was heartwarming."


"Keep doing what we're doing we wanna make people happy" said Lupo.


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