Wednesday, 21 March 2018 11:02

Secretary of state issues warning to business owners

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BANGOR - Maine's Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has a warning for corporations, scammers are trying to steal money from Maine business owners.

Fake forms that look similar to the annual reports required by the state are mailed to businesses from a group called the Maine Council of Corporations, which is not a government agency.


Secretary Dunlap stated "This particular solicitation is really just designed to get money out of people and they're charging up to $150."


Secretary Dunlap said similar fake solicitations circulate every spring. Corporations in Maine have until June 1st to file their annual reports which can easily be completed online at the Secretary of State's Bureau of Corporations website.


If you have questions about any solicitation or form, call the Maine Division of Corporations at 624-7752.